Raising pastured chicken & Grazing goats for hire

Goats grazing a field overgrown with autumn olive

Welcome to River’s Edge Farm LLC

Do you find yourself losing more of your yard to weeds, brambles, and more every year? Want to get that space back without chemicals or hours of back breaking weeding? Hire goats!

When we bought the farm there were a lot of overgrown areas. As much as I enjoy weeding it was to much work to reclaim. Goats were on their way to the farm anyway and boy did they prove their worth as landscapers!

After using them here for a couple years I wanted to share their talents so I became an affiliate with Goats On The Go to bring goats to you!

Ready to watch your yard open up with goat theater in your backyard? Email us today for a free site visit! hello@riversedgefarmllc.com

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