My landscaper is a Goat?!

The end of a summer work week. Sitting out back, watching the sun begin to set and the shift change of the wildlife. Rabbits scurrying out from under brambles that gold finches are perched on. The fields beyond are blocked from view, but how to open the view without significantly interrupting the wildlife?

When we bought our farm there were hills covered in thick brush and the river edges were mostly hidden from view. We wanted to open it more for our enjoyment while not interrupting the flow of life already here. That’s where the goats came in. Admittedly they had a couple purposes for us when they first came but the goats proved their value in clearing and maintaining the hills and river edge.

Some of the advantages of using goats to clear land: They are low impact, with their small size and nimble feet. Are able to strip plants up to five feet high. Can traverse steep and sensitive terrain, such as water edges. They’re fun to watch as they work, play and laze around chewing their cud or napping.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of goats? How cute, fun and troublesome they can be, right?! It’s all true. That’s why we spend time training our goats to their electric net fencing and only those who we can trust get the opportunity to work for you. Not only does it help keep them focused and safe but it keeps your flowers safe too!

Goats On The Go Storrs is a branch of our farm and how we share the benefits of targeted grazing with you.
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