After a hectic week there’s nothing better than a little peace and quiet…if you can get it. There’s so much to catch up on that it seems like a distant dream. That beautiful Sunday drive looks more like a pile of laundry that’s starting to talk back. What if errands were peaceful?

While I haven’t figured out the secret of laundry (it’s still there, in the corner…) We did make groceries more fun when we started raising our own and we’d love to share that with you!

Come see the milk goats out on pasture, the ducks swimming in the river, and the chickens foraging the fields. Soon we’ll have fresh chicken for your picnics, lunches, and dinners. Recipes from the farmer’s chef husband coming soon 😉

Stephanie and Don bought the farm in 2017 and started on the steep learning curve from day one. With experience gained from much trial and error they’re growing the farm and looking forward to you becoming a part of the farm family. Raising happy, healthy food for their family an yours. The animals raised here help to improve the land that provides for them and is home to many more critters. Come see us in the summer and enjoy the thousands of dragonflies that call River’s Edge Farm home.